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Important insight from Mr. Elba.





Important insight from Mr. Elba.



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4. Your muse has a new pet horse. My muse tries to convince yours not to keep it.
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13. My muse and your muse switch bodies! Twist is, they can now access each other's memories.
14. My muse left yours, promising it would be only for a couple of minutes. They come back in a couple of years.
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Nnoitra Gilga


Nnoitra Gilga



Undertaker firmly grasped the prosthetic, and leaned in for a closer look. “Oh myyyyyy, what fine craftsmanship this is…. I’d say it’s almost human!” His eyes glinted for a moment as he bent down to inspect it, keeping his grip firm. “How wonderful….. I’d truly love to meet the person who crafted  this beauty.” He pulled back his arm and rustled it in his overcoat before smirking and producing a cookie in the shape of a bone.

He offered it to the man with a smirk, popping one into his own mouth. “This is as far as my craftsmanship with bones goes, heheee!” He cocked his head and lifted his shoulders in a slight shrug as he inched closer to Joker. “Now now they taste perfectly fine! Don’t be shy!”


Ah yes, Joker often forgot about the replacement that sat in place of a flesh hand and arm. It often either spakred interest or disgust and one was never sure which was it would turn until an actual comment was made. The interest the strange fellow did show, however, took him off guard. 

"Eh… t’was tha’ Doc at tha’ circus…" Joker smiled absently, answering the males non-existent question.

The offer of what appeared to be a biscuit made him nervous. He cad called himself undertaker… which would bring the image of bodies, bodies had bones… oh dear lord, it would be rude if he didn’t eat it but he sincerely did not want to in fear of what it was made from.

Two, slender, bone fingers reached for the biscuit and he nibbled at the end, smiling absently. “Mmm~”

"Oh come on it’s just a silly little biscuit!" He took his finger and shoved the bone not so gently into the performer’s maw, giggling at his adverse reaction. "Look at all this flour and sugar! what do you suppose I make with it, explosives?" He rolled his eyes under his bangs as he gestured to the bags now laying sadly on the ground, abandoned since the beginning of the conversation. An idea popped into his addled mind as he picked up the bags none to gently in his left arm, and hooked his right around the performer.

"I get it I get it! Oh, how terribly rude of me! Those were old biscuits, must’ve been horrible!" He leaned in close as his clawed hand got a farm grip on the red head’s waist. "You’ll just come along with me and we’ll make a fresh batch! That’ll calm you down, set you out right!" He hummed absentmindedly a he tugged on the performer’s hip, beckoning him forward eagerly. "Now, then, it’s this way. Won’t be long and I promise you won’t regret it!"

Undertaker wasn’t oblivious to his distress, but really, was relishing in it. The poor man wouldn’t have too much longer to live anyso why not give him a good and prop[er snack before he went on his way? Besides, maybe he’d get to meet that Doctor that uses human parts. You don’t get to be a top-notch mortician without cracking a few bones, after all.